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The Indian Way


Welcome to DKG production, a Bay Area based photography and Videography Company. We have been snapping special moments since 2010 with commitment, enthusiasm and care.

Our vision is to provide you a lifetime remembrance of your special day, capturing your emotions through our lens.

DKG productions look forward to provide excellent service to clients. We take the time to appreciate your necessity and work with your demand. By virtue of this, we take immense pleasure in providing our clients with remarkable and impressive photos and videos in a prompt manner.

Our expertise consists in cinematizing South Asian matrimonial ceremonies, birthdays, convocations and corporate events.

What We Love Doing

Our Wedding expertISE


Hindu Wedding

Hindu matrimonial is eminent for magnificent celebrations of love, affection with diversity in rituals. Our Hindu wedding shutterbug doesn’t want to miss the amusement to snap your moments in our Hindu wedding gallery. Take it easy because we deliver the impressive and astonishing poses of Indian wedding photographs with flawless shoots.

Muslim Wedding

Muslim nuptials “Nikaah” are the ceremony that not only commemorates the matrimony of bride & groom nevertheless also their word of honor. This occasion is conceded out by Qazi. Apart from Indian weddings, we have skilled and expert photographers even for the Pakistani weddings who have immense knowledge about Pakistani wedding rituals.

Sikh Wedding

If you’re affiliated to Sikh wedding families, I’m certain DKG production is the finest photographer who addresses you with marvelous services of Sikh wedding photography. In the Sikh wedding, the bride gets a bangle (chuda) which is vibrant red in color from her maternal uncle or ‘MAMA’ this type of matrimonial ceremony takes place during the day in gurudwara.

South Asian Wedding

DKG production is a leading company among the South Asian wedding photographers. Unlike other wedding styles in Bangladesh, India and other diversified countries, South Asian weddings are totally different.
Our photography styles which are full of life and energy will insist you in falling in love with it.


technology used


Camera Canon

DKG production’s professional photographs are captured with the usage of modern canon camera. A canon camera assists in taking clear and concise images from various angles along with different focus views. Only professional photographers can unlock these types of reliable and definitive cameras.

Automatic Gimbal

For the video shoots from 360˚ angle, we use automatic gimbal which provides us with perfect pose of a couple. We operate it to make sure that the motion of the camera is equilibrated even if the one operating it is going in different directions (up and down, left and right, front and back)

Automatic Slider

An automatic slider is normally used by the professional photographers. As the name justifies, it automatically shoots pictures along with a timer when the camera is held on a slider. With the assistance of this tool, photographers can attach directly to their camera or can attach a tripod head in between your camera as well as the carriage.


If you wish & desire to get the best quality image of your precious day, you surely like our 4k technique of capturing the image. A 4000 pixel camera takes more clarified and justified images than HD cameras. We can ensure that you’ll love clarified images. You’d specially like it if you’re a photophilic.

Mirrorless Technology

These types of technology consists of qualities viz. lighter, more compact, faster and reliable particularly for videos, they aim to provide perfect and flawless wedding pictures. However, they come at the cost of access to fewer lenses as well as accessories.