Why you need to take Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture your excitement and delight before marrying the person you love. But, perhaps, more importantly, they allow you to get to know your photographer and relax in front of the camera before the big day. Of course, budgeting for an engagement session may appear to be just another wedding expenditure, but it’s an investment you won’t be sorry for.

Here are some reasons why you should take engagement photos:

1. Increase Confidence and Comfort in front of the Camera

Engagement sessions boost your confidence and comfort in front of the camera and allow you to become used to having your images taken in a relaxed setting. It’s like a dress rehearsal for your wedding photographs!

2. Your Photographers get to know you

It is as crucial that your chosen photographers spend time with you. Your relationship with your wedding photographer is bidirectional. An engagement photo shoot allows your photographers to get to know you and your relationship. It’s not only about the images; a couple of hours of pleasant chatting can teach us a lot. When photographing the two of you together, your likes and dislikes, eccentricities, and style are all vital.

3. It’ll give you a chance to “Reconnect.”

Have your engagement photos been done at a special spot for the two of you? It might be the location of your engagement or first date, or it could simply be a place where you like to spend time together to enjoy a common interest. Consider your hometown, the college where you met, a favorite restaurant or bar, a museum, the zoo, a movie theater, or even your own home as potential places. Choose a relevant location, and your photographs will feel more special—and you’ll likely feel more at ease in a familiar setting.

4. You’ll be able to express yourselves creatively

Why should you take engagement photos? While your wedding images will undoubtedly be treasured, many couples believe their engagement photos are a more honest depiction of them. Simply said, engagement photos catch you in a more natural setting, spending time with your favorite person. As a bonus, you’ll have complete creative control over the location, dress, and general style that best suits you as a couple. So, whether you shoot photos in your favorite city or at home on your sofa, you’ll have a collection of memories that are important to you.

5. Understanding Posing as a Couple

You will discover how the photographer will posture and prepare the scene for your engagement photos during your session. A competent photographer will not pose you and have you hold it for several minutes while you uncomfortably hold a kiss while the photographer searches for an angle. Much of the “posing” is teaching how to communicate with one another. By letting couples engage with one other rather than the photographer, the photographer tries to capture spontaneous reactions and circumstances.

6. Removes Uncertainty From The Wedding Portraits

Finally, an engagement session allows the couple to understand why I could advise them to do something unusual, which leads to the wedding day’s ease and faith in me. It also allows them to practice the usual “poses” I might utilize, reducing the “we have no idea what’s going on” element during the wedding day photos.

7. You’ll have photos to use for wedding purposes

This is most likely the first thing that sprang to mind when you saw this post, and it’s essential! Save the date cards, thank you cards, a wedding website, a guest book… the vital components of your wedding planning that can benefit greatly from gorgeous engagement photos!.