Beautiful memories are captured in photographs. And everything needs to be especially exceptional if you want to use them to preserve memories of your wedding day. After all, your wedding photos are a part of you forever and will help you remember every lovely moment of your special day. Your wedding photographer is undoubtedly one of the people that contributes to the creation of these lovely memories.

So, if your wedding is quickly approaching and you haven’t decided on a wedding photographer, we have some incredibly helpful advice for you. Look at these suggestions for how NOT to select your wedding photographer.

1. Cheap

Don’t choose your photographer just based on cost and what is offered. It’s understandable that everyone has a budget and wants to stay within it, but it’s crucial that you discover and work with a photographer you adore.
Your day will go more smoothly and your images will be better and more authentic since their work suits your style, you trust them, and you feel comfortable around them. Many photographers provide packages; if they fit your aesthetic, you like their work, and you get along with them, that’s wonderful. However, you shouldn’t choose a photographer solely based on cost and the features offered in their packages.

2. Recommended by Venue

Venues may promote wedding photographers because they receive a commission from them. Take their advice, but never go ahead and book the photographer before checking out his prior works.

3. Family, Friends, or Relatives

This might cost you nothing, making it highly alluring. But keep in mind that just because someone enjoys photography as a pastime does not make them qualified to photograph weddings. Wedding photography is significantly different from taking quality selfies. They might not understand how to use different types of lighting or how to take photos for a wedding album. Avoid making decisions that you could later regret.

4. ‘Some’ Stunning Photos

Anywhere you find a wedding photographer, whether it’s on Instagram or their website, you’ll see a ton of lovely pictures, a variety of breath-taking images that will catch your eye and have you saying, “Wow.” This is fantastic, and you should look for a photographer whose work inspires you. However, it’s vital to keep in mind that you want a wedding tale that inspires you, not just a few pictures. The key is consistency.
When viewing a photographer’s work, be sure to check through all of the albums, whether they are digital or printed. You want to make sure that all of the images are stunning and of the highest quality possible, not just one or two. A superb wedding photographer may use gorgeous photographs to convey a story. A skilled photographer can take amazing pictures.

5. Family member with an awesome camera

There is more to wedding photography than just a camera. Just because someone has a high-end camera doesn’t mean they have the skills and training to go and photograph a wedding. They may adore photography and spend their weekends taking images of the outdoors or their children playing in the park, but weddings are a dynamic occasion.

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