Weddings are a special procession and photographs taken on this day are the best part of it as you can look back at it in the future and freshen up your beautiful memories of your special day. Hence, for the perfect photographs, photographers who are highly skilled in this profession and has immense knowledge about religious rites should be selected so you don’t miss out on any special moments.

So, let’s take a look at the methods to select the best photographer

1. Figure out the type of photography style you prefer

There are many types of wedding photography styles like contemporary, traditional, aerial, themed, documentary etc. Hence, while looking for a photographer you have to decide what type of wedding photographs you prefer.

Figure out what type of photos you prefer, you can start looking for those skilled photographers proficient in the photography style you want your photos to be taken in to avoid disappointment later on.

2. Photographers who are proficient with handling the latest and modern cameras

The Latest and modern cameras are of high quality and has various new features installed in it. The photographers should have a technical skill that is well known about studio and usage of lightings in various places. Being a photographer goes beyond owning a camera and mastering at.

Hence, selecting the photographer who is proficient with latest cameras and using its features in the correct time and appropriate place will allow you to get the photo you desired.

3. Choose a photographer who is creative and stylish

Style and creativity is the key element that should be in a photographer as it is what makes the photos look glamorous. Photography being an art, it requires broad imagination for the images to look extraordinary. Knowing about the artistic side of the photographer allows you to select the best photographer for your wedding

The beauty of photographs is improved with the implementation of various styles and poses. Hence, a photographer who is stylist and is excellent with great poses will make your wedding photography look glamorous and appealing.

4. Shortlist the wedding photographer with right portfolio

Experience and highly skilled photographers have great photographs and great portfolio of their work experience and images they have captured. Images they have clicked and that are in portfolio measures the level of passion they have for their work and the dedication they give to their profession.

Through their portfolio, we are certain about their ability and skills and their proficiency level with handling of camera, lighting, emotion and the art of storytelling. Hence, to know about the ability of photographers their portfolio plays an important role.

5. Check out the personality of the photographer

Personality of a photographer plays an important role in defining the photographs. A creative and stylist nature of photographer gives you similar photos with variety in poses and angles of cameras. Open minded personality of photographers allows the photos to come from far and different perspective.

Hence, photographers for your wedding, one has to be passionate and should have patience as Indian wedding process is quite longer than other weddings. Thus, client has to be well known about their photographer to get the perfect photos with stunning poses.

6. Select the experienced photographer

An experienced photographer will help you click images and videos from different angles, poses and perspectives. Experienced photographers are proficient in their work and know how to handle their client’s nature accordingly. Experienced ones have extensive knowledge about lightings, compositions, camera and various techniques and methods to click glamorous images and videos.

Experienced photographers do everything better and know all the aspect that makes wedding photographs of high quality and glamorous. For Indian wedding photographs, it should have a touch of cultural aspect along with the sentiments; hence photographers should be highly skilled in capturing, editing and producing high quality images.

7. Look over reviews on internet

Look for reviews online to shortlist the best wedding photographer. Getting yourself photographer with better reviews will benefit you with perfect photos and videos. Looking at client’s testimonials will help you learn about the proficiency of the photographer, his passion and dedication for his work.

As wedding photography should be of high quality with better editing and capturing, it is better to select highly reviewed and suggested photographer to avoid disappointment after getting your images ready.

8. Shortlist the recommended photographer

Before hiring any photographer it is good to ask your near one who has recently hired a photographer for his/ her wedding procession. By this you can know about the photographer and his style of working. It is better to consult multiple people and create a list and accordingly narrow down the list to get the perfect and highly skilled photographer for your wedding.

Qualified Photographer recommended will have professionals in contact for various processes that include printing high quality photos, editing the images and videos captured during the procession. This will reduce the risk of getting amateur photographers.

9. Arrange a meeting and have face-to-face communication

After the process of shortlisting the photographer it is better to have a short meeting with them to know about his skills and communication skill that every photographer should have. This meeting will allow you to see more samples of the work he has done, his level of creativity and passion for photography.

Meeting the photograph in real will let you explore about his ideas and his way of presenting his ability before spending time and money. Wedding is your special day and you deserve to get everything perfect in this day.

10. Book a sample shoot

If you’re hiring a photographer for a special event, it is important to see and explore his photography skills. Hence, it is advised to have a sample shoot booked for you to avoid irksome experience on the wedding day.

For example, you can book a sample shoot for your bachelorette party where you can explore his creativity level and hire him for the real day. By experimental photo shoot you can get to know his imagination and his real work and is proved to be better than seeing his portfolio.

11. Try looking for a busy photographer

Busy photographers are mainly the skilled and professional ones who are normally hired by many people. The ones who are busy will have extensive knowledge about the lighting and composition and details about the latest and modern cameras.

Therefore, it is advised to look for a busy wedding photographer for your wedding day. This will make your special day’s photos look stunning and glamorous.

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