Including your cherished pet in your wedding photos can give your special day an extra dose of love and excitement. However, getting ready for a picture shoot with a pet calls for more thought and preparation. Here are more than 10 tips to help you get ready for wedding photos with your pet to make sure everything goes as planned:

Discuss with Your Photographer:

Start by discussing your intention to have your pet appear in the wedding photos with your photographer. Verify that they feel at ease around animals and go over any specific ideas or shots you have in mind.

Choose a Pet-Friendly Venue:

Choose a wedding location that accepts pets or has pet-friendly zones. Ask the venue staff if there are any regulations or limitations on bringing pets onto the property.

Coordinate Outfits:

Make sure your pet’s costume matches your wedding clothes if you intend to dress them up for the photo shoot. When selecting their clothing, take into account colors, styles, and comfort. Arrange a fitting if any alterations are required.

Exercise and Rest:

Make sure your pet has plenty of activity and rest before the photo session. The likelihood of your pet being calm and cooperative during the shoot increases with activity and rest.


A few days before the wedding, make an appointment for your pet’s grooming. This will guarantee that they look their best for the photo session, with a clean coat and manicured fingernails.

Familiarize with the Photographer:

Make arrangements for your pet to meet the photographer or to participate in a quick session. This can ease any potential fear or nervousness during the actual shoot and make your pet feel at ease with them.

Bring a Handler:

Have a dependable friend or relative assigned to be the pet’s handler on the wedding day. This person can help by managing your pet throughout the photo shoot, maintaining their composure, and attending to their needs all day.

Pack Pet Essentials:

Bring a bag filled with your pet’s necessities, such as their favorite treats, water, food, toys, and any prescription medications. These supplies will help keep your pet relaxed and happy while you take breaks.

Timing is Key:

Time the photo shoot by your pet’s schedule and energy level. To plan the shoot when they are most likely to be at their best, take into account their typical feeding, activity, and rest times.

Location Scouting:

Visit any sites you have in mind for the photo session with your pet in advance. Introduce your pet to the area, let them investigate, and give them time to get used to it. On the wedding day, this will make them more at peace.

You can guarantee a fruitful and fun photo shoot with your pet by adhering to these suggestions. The love and connection between you, your partner, and your animal pet will be beautifully captured in your wedding photos with the right planning and preparation, leaving you with priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

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