Weddings are a special procession and photographs taken on this day are the best part of it as you can look back at it in the future and freshen up your beautiful memories of your special day. Hence, for the perfect photographs, photographers who are highly skilled in this profession and have immense knowledge about religious rites should be selected so you don’t miss out on any special moments.

So, let’s take a look at some of the questions that you must ask to your wedding photographer:-

1. How many years of experience do you have as a photographer?

Wedding is an important event of life. A photographer must be used to working in weddings under extreme pressure. He must be able to understand the unique moments in a wedding and the proper use of lights and tools for better photography. An experienced photographer knows how to deal with harsh and irksome moments & has perfect knowledge about equipment too. Thus, you have to understand about his working experience.

2. Can we take a look at some of your recently clicked wedding photographs?

Before hiring a photographer, one thing you should consider is the Portfolio of the photographer. You need to request for some of his recently clicked wedding photographs to know about his proficiency and his photography style. You can get knowledge if he is perfect for your special day or not? Ask yourself if you’re happy with his recently clicked images and his portfolios. Thus, Make sure to request for his portfolio to recognize his style and designs.

3. How known are you about the latest technologies and ongoing trends?

Don’t you wish to get your images according to the ongoing trends and latest technology? You surely do! Hence, you need to learn about him first. Watch his photography style using the latest technology. We’re all certain about technology changes and trends change every day. For photography to look stunning, you must follow modern trends. Therefore, observe how he uses his creativity with the ongoing trends to avoid disappointment after getting your images.

4. What is your photography style? Can you explain it?

Learn about his work and his style of clicking images. Photography style is very important in photography. It is an element that defines an image. Hence, learn about his photography style. How does he work with lights, themes, and moods? Initially, decide what kind of style you like and check if he is proficient in that kind of photography. This will avoid irksome experiences later on. Hereby, ask about his photography style and request him to explain it, in brief, to analyze his knowledge of that style.

5. Do you include engagement or pre-wedding photography in your packages?

Ask him if his photography package includes pre-wedding photography and engagement. Booking pre-wedding photography that takes place months before the wedding allows you to understand more about him and boosts the confidence level of both the client and photographer. It gives you knowledge regarding poses and you can discover your style too. Hence, Make sure to enquire about pre-shoots.

6. Who are included in your team of photography?

Photography team includes videographer, editor, backup photographer/ videographer, stylist etc. For your images/ videos to look perfect ask him about his team so that you get your albums according to your preference. Not only you require perfect photos but also a proficient videographer and stylist. If any how the main photographer might not schedule time for your wedding photography, you require a backup plan. Hence, make sure to ask him about his team and especially a backup plan.

7. Can we get albums or photo prints? Do you provide the privilege to design the albums?

Wedding is your special day, you surely want to have a look at your special day later on. So, ask him if his studio provides albums/ photo prints of the day. Moreover, learn if he provides you the privilege to design the albums as per your

8. By when shall we receive our photographs?

Always ask the photographer about the time span he requires for him to provide you with your photographs. This will make sure that you don’t get your photographs receiving work delayed. Along with that enquire him about the payments. If it can be paid in installments or have to paid at once? And accordingly, decide if he is suitable with your budget and your style.

9. Why do you think we should hire you as our wedding photographer?

You need to learn about the photographer before hiring him. Ask him why should he be hired as a photographer. This will allow you to know about his passion for work and his photography interest. Always hire an enthusiastic photographer and make sure enthusiasm and patience has been included in his answer. Asking him this type of question will allow you to learn about his interest on cameras, working with technologies and trends, etc.

10. What are your qualities that make you different from other photographers?

Here we have an important question about quality. A photographer should be patient, enthusiastic, friendly, etc. However, ask him why is he different from other photographers. This will allow you to know more about his talents and personality. You can easily identify his character/ personality by this question. You surely require a unique photographer for your unique day. Hence, concentrate on his way of answering and analyzing if he is actually fit for your special day.

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