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Our Umbrella of Services

Package One

Package Two

Package Three

Customization of above packages is available as per your requirements. Call us for more details.

  • Express Delivery within week $1000
  • Engagement Party 4Hrs $1200
  • Line Art Canvas Print 24x36 $300
  • 12x12 Line Art Guest Book $350
  • LIne Art Album Print 12x12 $999
  • Extra Time Per Hour $350
  • More Album Size and Canvas Size Available.........
What To Expect

Once you designate us we shall start to learn much about you as possible. Initially, we shall schedule a meeting at a time that works the best for you. You’re free to come and visit us at our studio or meet at any convenient location as per your wish. Furthermore, this will allow us to know each other and look forward to be a good fit for each other. I find immense joy and love to meet my clients antecedently so we both can develop a great rapport before your wedding day. As soon as we have a date fixed for your breathtaking, exciting wedding day’s photo shoot we can go ahead with our planning for engagement and bridal session. On your special day, I ensure that I can learn about your photography needs and your requirements to deliver you with the perfect and best memories for you to cherish forever!

On this special occasion we look forward to arrive at your wedding location beforehand and begin scouting the venue to take clear shots prior to the event. As the day progresses we ensure that we shall cover all the photographs planned on our time-line beginning from the bride and groom getting dressed and until your final exit and everything in between. In addition to that, we will edit photos, blog your session, post some teasers, also upload your photos to an online photo gallery to allow you to access them and share it to your family and friends. We shall also look forward to prepare any products you wish including photo albums, prints, wall art etc. It is our aim to snap your wedding day memories in the best way for you to cherish them forever!

Wedding Day Timeline

This timeline will work for most of the Indian weddings. Our Team is always here to help if you are planning your day diffrently.

Start time – Your start time is based on what time you want to leave for your ceremony from your house. For example if your are leaving 8 am your start time will be 6am. Good things always take time so we need time to create a qulity product for you. Bride should be ready by our start time only dupata fixed after when we are there.

Wedding Day

we need two hours for bride and groom getting ready shots 1hr with bride detail shots before dupata mom dad or anyone bride prefer helping her with dupta. 20 minutes with parents and sibling 30 minu 30 minutes bride’smaid and extended family10 minutes leaving her house.

It takes 30 minutes for Braatand another 20 to 30 minutes for Milni

It takes about 90 minutes to 2hrs for ceremony

It takes about 60 minutes for Shagan and family picturs.

We need about two hours for post wedding shoot including cummute time.

It will take around 60 minutes for Ribbon cutting going bride house and doli. Then another 30 minutes for groom house.


It is extremly importtant to do couple shoot & family pictures 6 to 7 every one is fresh and family gets busy after reciving the guest. 30 minutes for couple and 30 minutes family pictures.
we need 30 minutes for all the detail shots.
This is the time when mostly guest start arriving and mingle around. Around 7:30pm entrance starts.
First Dance, Cake Cutting, Speches & Performances.
Most of the pictures on dance floor are candid. We also try to go around with couple if they want pictures with guest dancing.

It can be different for some couples we are always open to work based on their need.